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  • 8 Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism

    Jan 15 2019

    You may already suspect your metabolism slows as you age. According to research published in the Public Health Nutrition journal, you’re ...

  • Is Intermittent Fasting Right for You?

    Jan 08 2019

    Considered one of the top eating and fitness trends, intermittent fasting sounds like just one more deprivation-driven eating plan that l...

  • Is Alcohol Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

    Jan 01 2019

    When you’re trying to lose weight, the standard advice of “eat fewer calories than you burn” still largely applies, but not all calories ...

  • How Can You Beat a Sugar Addiction?

    Dec 22 2018

    Sugar has been villainized because it can be habit-forming, meaning the more we eat the more we crave. However, excess sugar in our diets...

  • 5 Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight

    Dec 18 2018

    Is what you drink affecting your ability to lose weight? The short answer is yes. Liquid calories play a huge part in our health, and the...