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2Pcs/Set Gliding Sliding Discs Body Workout

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Get a total body workout at home or in the studio, sliding discs are budget friendly, and use little space with minimum impact on your joints.

These sliding discs allows for smooth, fluid, graceful movements, working multiple muscle groups while engaging core stabilisation throughout the range of motion.

Our  Gliding Sliding Discs pairs are suitable for carpet and hard surfaces for a total body workout. From lunges and squats to upper-body exercises, you'll target specific muscle groups through gliding these sliding discs and tone your entire body. Plus, with virtually every move, you'll engage your core. These gliding fitness discs are a lot of fun.

Model Number: 094C2SW0118
Brand Name: OOTDTY
Features: High Quality Material, Easy to Use, Low Impact Weight Bearing
Material: ABS
Type: Round
Color: Red, Blue, Black
Dimensions: 17.8cm/7.01"
Weight: 188g